A more efficient alternative to traditional registered mail

The Registered Email solution offers legal validity, making it a safe option for digitizing sensitive processes without compromising their security.

A solution that offers you faster without compromising security

What to expect from our Registered Email solution

This is a typical process for generating operational efficiency that allows the replacement of classic registered mail and / or greater security and control over processes already supported in email.
Cost savings.
Faster processes.
Security, with legally valid delivery and reading evidence.
Visibility throughout the process.
Digital Archive.
Optimized and instant access to information.

How does our
Registered Email solution work?

Building and sending email

From the data collected securely, from previously defined templates, and designed segmentation rules, personalized emails are produced (body and attachment if applicable) and then the registered email is sent to the defined recipients.

Status monitoring

The fact that it is a registered email allows you to know, in real time, the status of the email, that is, if it was delivered, consulted, if the attachments were viewed or even if they were downloaded. This information can be consulted on a portal, where you can also access the email archive and its attachments.

Use as evidence

A detailed log related to the email consultation will always be available, associated with the email file and its attachments. This log, produced by an EU certified trust service provider, can be used as evidence in a judicial context (learn more at eIDAS ).

Some blocks that we can use in this solution:

Batch Producer

Production of communications based on predefined templates and data arriving in real time or in batch.


Marking emails to be sent as certificates in order to be able to track their status.

Omnichannel Sender

Forwarding of emails to customers, already marked as certified.


Digital file of communications sent, their status and log with legal validity.

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