Qualified Digital Signature

Ensure the authenticity of your documents

The solution for your most sensitive documents issued in digital format.

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The foundation of trust for your online transactions

With the increase in computer crime, it is increasingly important to guarantee the authenticity of digital documents issued by companies, from invoices, to receipts, to transport documents.

By applying the qualified signature to your digital documents, you ensure that the documents that reach your customers are safe and trustworthy.

Thus, your customers will feel more confident when carrying out digital transactions.

Please note that, as of Dezember 31, 2023, in Portugal, according to Decree-Law 28/2019 and with Order No. 8/2022-XXIII, the affixing of a qualified seal becomes mandatory for a fiscally relevant document (ex: invoice) becomes valid in digital format.

All the advantages that this solution offers you


Applicable to any type of documents.


In the case of invoices, there is no conflict with the existing invoicing system.


Invoice data does not leave the ISO 27001 certified Unicks secure environment.


There is flexibility in the design of the invoice and the introduction of commercial messages.


Send documents to the customer via any digital channel.

The digital storage is done in our own datacentre.

How is the digital signature applied to your documents?

To place the qualified signature, and to ensure that the document does not leave the Unicks secure environment, a Hash is generated.

The Hash is like a fingerprint of the document that goes to an HSM (Hardware Security Module) to place the signature securely.

How to identify a document with a qualified digital signature?

Hand in hand with security

We rely on robust data security and privacy practices that are an integral part of our product engineering and service delivery principles.
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