Production and multichannel dispatch

Streamline the production and delivery of your transactional communications

In addition to printing and mailing personalized documents (the so-called Printing & Finishing), we also integrate digital channels and the digital archive of documents.

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Companies that trust our solution

Much more than a traditional Printing & Finishing

Supported by a strong technological component, the integration of our Document Production and Sending solution in your company’s operations is simple and fast.


Effortless adaptation to data models.


Introduction of personalized commercial messages.


Multichannel delivery, according to the preferences of each customer.


Digital file available through support or self-care app.

How does it work?

After establishing communication channels and data transmission methods, documents are created, applying templates and pre-defined rules.
With the documents built, communications are sent to your customers through the most appropriate channel for each one.


Definition of templates to be used and rules to be applied.


Building custom documents in batch.


Archive of documents generated in a secure datacentre.


Availability of documents through previously configured API connections.


Shipping, through your customer’s preferred channel.

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A differentiating experience

To ensure that the current operation without disruption, and for all our solutions, we ensure the management of services with the regular monitoring of a Dedicated Operational Manager.

This manager will be the privileged communication channel for operational issues and will bridge:


With our in-house production team to ensure agility in problem solving and flexibility to implement requested changes.


With the client in providing all the information regarding the course of the operational process.

Stories from companies that trust Unicks

Focus and continuous improvement with centralized production and multichannel dispatch of card extracts

Get to know the story of a major financial services company that used our Production & Multichannel Dispatch solution to centralize the production of their card statements.

Hand in hand with security

We rely on robust data security and privacy practices that are an integral part of our product engineering and service delivery principles.
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From December 31, 2023, a qualified electronic stamp of invoices issued electronically is mandatory. (Decree-Law 28/2019).


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