Agility in producing and sending your communications

Our Printing & Finishing is a classic of Customer Communication Management and has been proving the efficiency of outsourcing this type of service.

Consider complementarity with multichannel shipping and integrated access to digital custody.

If you are going to choose your Printing & Finishing supplier, think about the future and put the digital channel in your equation.

What to expect from our Printing & Finishing

With the Printing & Finishing service, communication channels are established for data transmission in each communication cycle with your customers. In parallel, templates and databases are created to ensure total efficiency in the production and routing of your communications.

No effort to adapt to a specific data model.
With quality validation that watches over your data in this process and in your central database.
Possibility of introducing personalized messages.
Multichannel shipping, according to the preferences of each of your customers.

Digital archive with information available from the applications you already use for support or self-care.

How does our
Printing & Finishing solution work?

Data preparation

Conversion of data to more modern and agile formats.

Data quality validations that can prevent errors and ensure continuous improvement of databases.

Design and content generation

Flexible templates that allow the introduction of segmented messages and that can include independent editing zones in self-care.

Multichannel and file upload

Sending by letter, email, sms …

Availability of the file via API for a support or self-care application.

Some blocks that we can use in this solution:

Data Converter

Transformation of data files from older formats to more current formats in order to streamline their use in the next process.

Template Designer

Design of the process support templates or templates that may vary according to the segment or have self-care editing areas.

Batch Producer

Production of documents based on the built templates and processed data, in the formats necessary for their availability.

Omnichannel Sender

Mailing of paper communications and email of communications in .pdf.

Stories from companies that trust Unicks

Focus and continuous improvement with centralized production and multichannel shipment of card extracts

Get to know the story of a major financial services company that used our Printing & Finishing solution to centralize the production of their card statements.

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