We transform your physical mail into digital

But more than that, be it your physical or digital mail, the information will be forwarded at the right time, in the right format, to the right person.

Streamline processes with our mail collection and handling service

What you can expect from our Mailroom Management solution

From the collection of physical mail to its digital processing in a fast and efficient process. Forget your physical mailbox, we organize and digitally route all of your incoming mail.
Cost savings
Faster processes
Error reduction
Visibility throughout the process
Digital Archive
Optimized and instant access to information

How does our
Mailroom Management solution work?


We collect your physical correspondence in a PO Box.


We scan your physical documents and archive them securely.


We extract data from scanned or originally digital documents and categorize by type of message.


We forward your messages to the stipulated recipients.


We digitally archive your mail in a searchable way by associating metadata and forwarding flow.


We provide access to the file via API to be able to integrate them on their platforms.


Whenever you need it, we deliver the original document or destroy it confidentially.

Some blocks that we can use in this solution:

Data Reader

Intelligent reading of data from scanned or originally digital physical documents.

Omnichannel Sender

Forwarding of messages to the recipients and the channel defined for each type of message.


Physical file of physical mail and digital file of documents scanned or originally digital.

App Connector

Providing access to the archive of documents and metadata according to defined rules and profiles.

Stories from companies that trust Unicks

Operational efficiency and cost savings at one of the largest insurance brokers nationwide

The insurance broker used our Mailroom Management solution to digitize and automate its processes to face the consequences of the State of Emergency enacted with the spread of COVID-19.

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