Link to Pay

The new way to pay

The Link to pay solution works as an aggregator of digital means of payment that promotes a differentiating customer experience with just one click.

Unicks - App Connector

Pay invoices with a simple click? Yes, it is possible!


Without any effort on the part of the customer.


Fit for one-off or recurring payments.


It promotes faster and 100% digital payments.


Connection to any payment gateway.


Effortless integration with your current systems.


It simplifies your company’s treasury management.

More flexibility for your company

You will have access to our Web Portal where you can manage and consult all the information regarding payments made by your customers.

It is also possible to integrate, through an API connection, all this information available on our Portal in your company’s preferred platforms or systems.

Simplicity for your end consumers

With Link to pay you will be able to provide differentiating payment experiences to end consumers.

Characterized by its speed and simplicity, this new way of making payments, highly intuitive, does not require any effort on the part of the user.

How does it work?

With a simple click (on the invoice in digital format) or a QRcode scan (in paper format), your end customer has access to all available payment methods.

With this solution you benefit from:

Differentiating experience

Highly intuitive payment, with no learning effort on the part of the user.


Allows for faster receipts than traditional processes due to its simplicity and convenience.


100% digital processes, more efficient and agile, with the possibility of integration with other platforms.

Treasury information

You can find out, in real time, the status of all payments made by your customers.

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