Dynamic documentos

An alternative to your statement, notice or invoice

The Dynamic Document allows a more efficient organization of the information of your invoices, notices or statements with the use of tabs, with interactivity with graphics and other elements and with the introduction of videos that may have an explanatory or promotional character.

Consulting an invoice can become a differentiating experience

What to expect from our Dynamic Documents

With the Dynamic Documents service, documents are produced in HTML format that can be made available, for example, in self-care areas. Because they are interactive and can contain more dynamic elements such as graphics or videos, they ensure greater efficiency in the transmission of information.

Associated with these dynamic documents may be the option to download the traditional format (.pdf) for example for archiving purposes.

Clearer information and fewer complaints and support costs.
More interactivity and better user experience.
Possibility of introducing video messages with greater exposure and transmission power of your message.
Direct links to action that allow a higher conversion rate.

How does our
Dynamic Documents solution work?

Defining templates and applying rules

In a configuration phase, templates, segments and business rules to be applied in the construction of documents are defined.

Document construction

After receiving the data, the .html documents are constructed as well as the respective .pdf documents.


These documents are then stored with the association to metadata that will allow their search and association (for example to customers) when transmitted.

Availability of documents

Once archived, these documents will be ready to be made available in the client area through previously configured REST API connections.

Some blocks that we can use in this solution:

Template Designer

Design of the templates of the .html and .pdf files that will be built.

Batch Producer

Construction of .html and .pdf files based on templates and data.


Digital file of the created documents.

App Connector

Connection of Storage to the customer’s Self-care area for making files available.

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