Documents Management

Digitize your documents management

Achieve more agile and location-agnostic processes with intelligent scanning of mail, files and even documents supporting financial processes.

Unicks - App Connector

Make your archive accessible and easily searchable

Forget the physical space you currently have with dossiers and the time it takes your resources to find the paper you are looking for.

What do you gain from this transformation?


Faster processes.


Routing automation.


Information protection security.


Searchable digital archive of documentation.

How does it work?


We collect your documents.


We digitize your physical documents and securely archive them.


We extract data from documents and categorize them by type.


We forward communications to the recipients identified by established rules.


We digitally archive the original documents and all generated and sent communications in a searchable way.


Access to the file is available via the Portal or via the API so that you can integrate it into your platforms.


We deliver the original document or destroy it confidentially.

Your digital documents can also be integrated into this flow without any difficulty, similar to scanned physical mail.

Stories from companies that trust Unicks

Operational efficiency and cost savings at one of the largest insurance brokers nationwide

The insurance broker used our Documents Management solution to digitize and automate its processes to face the consequences of the State of Emergency enacted with the spread of COVID-19.

Hand in hand with security

We rely on robust data security and privacy practices that are an integral part of our product engineering and service delivery principles.
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