Digital Onboarding

Offer your customers a simple and secure membership

An efficient process that can be applied online, in self-care areas or in physical spaces, with human support.

Unicks - App Connector

Deliver differentiating customer experiences

This service ensures the collection of data and supporting documents, the certification of contacts, and the sending of multichannel communications.

You can count on:

Faster and simpler processes for your customers.

Security in data processing and evidence collection.


Visibility over the course of the process.

How does it work?


Collection of all necessary information for the subscrition process via web form.


Certification of contacts, that is, mobile number and email, with sending of confirmation requests (OTP).


Production of customized documents by applying variable data to defined templates.


Sending documents and complementary communications by email, sms or letter.


Possibility of using qualified digital signature and registered emails in email communication.


Archive of the personalized document in custody for consultation by support teams or sending a duplicate (access via REST API).

Hand in hand with security

We rely on robust data security and privacy practices that are an integral part of our product engineering and service delivery principles.
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