Obtain and validate your customers’ contact details

Make sure your contacts are valid, correct and allow you to choose the most convenient channel in each of the communications you send to your customers.

What to expect from our Contact Certification solution

With the Contacts Certification service, the templates required for communications (email, sms and front-end) are built and the documents that support the process are produced. Then it is to get the flow to work and let the rules work while managing passwords and validations. What matters is that, in the end, you will have your database safely validated.
Simple and quick process to implement.
There is no need for any intervention in internal systems.
Full compliance with the data protection rules imposed by the GDPR.
Secure validation using OTPs (One Time Password).

How does our Contact Certification
solution work?


Sending email with the link.


Customer indicates phone number on form.


Sending OTP via SMS to the same number indicated.


Client submits OTP on form.


Confirmation message.

Some blocks that we can use in this solution:

Template Designer

Design of templates either from the front-end for the insertion and confirmation of data or from supporting communications such as email for example.

Real-time Producer

Production of support communications such as initial email and sms with OTP.

Omnichannel Sender

Sending of communications to support the process through the different complementary channels, namely, by email, sms or push notifications.

Data Integrator

Integration of original data, with customer inputs and shipping status in a centralized database that can be made available to the customer.

Stories from companies that trust Unicks

A company that communicates with its customers through their preferred channel

Get to know the project of this financial services company that used the contact certification solution to validate the telephone data of its customers and thus communicate more efficiently.

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