Unicks Security

Secure by design

We support our activity in robust data security and privacy practices and we incorporate these principles in the design, implementation and management of our products and services.

Data protection

We know that we are custodians of very sensitive data owned by our customers, and that is why we ensure a robust security model supported by constantly updating data protection architectures and highly resilient service platforms.

ISO 27001

We are ISO 27001 certified since July 2019 covering the activities of composition, production, personalization, multi-channel distribution and digital document archiving.

Access control

The allocation of access is carried out according to roles and responsibilities and profiles are managed in an auditable manner with traceability.

Secure email sending

Emails are sent with a TLS certificate and using DMARC, SPF and DKIM protocols.

Own data center

Our digital custody solution guarantees file immutability through the WORM (Write Once Read Many) system and supported on DELL ECS (Elastic Cloud Storage) equipment.

Perimeter security

Rules that define communication and data transaction permissions between systems are applied.


AES 252 bit encryption is ensured for data at rest and HTTPS with TLS 1.2 encryption for data in transit.

Management backoffice

Access to the secure backoffice is only available to authorized connections for management purposes.

Malware Protection

Malware protection is applied based on the latest identified threat listings that support real-time scanning.

Data anonymization

The personal data stored in our databases are encrypted, thus allowing their anonymization.

Resilient service platforms

Component redundancy

All components are installed in ‘n + 1’ mode in Lisbon and Aveiro, configured in “active – active” mode and supported by a load balancing service that allows business continuity.

Internet access redundancy

We have an internet service agreement with two telecommunications operators.

Service redundancy

Automatic traffic distribution that supports high availability, scalability and robust security is ensured.

Data replica

Data is synchronized in datacentres located in different geographies.

Capacity management

Proactive monitoring is done based on conservative limits and there is scope for expansion.

Secure development

Product roadmap

The product roadmap is defined and periodically reviewed. Security fixes are prioritized and grouped into the sprint as quickly as possible.

Version control

Source code is centrally managed with version control and restricted access based on teams assigned to specific sprints. Logs are maintained for code changes and code check-ins and check-outs.

Quality warranty

All changes are tested by the QA team and criteria are set for performing code reviews. Builds undergo functionality testing, performance testing, and stability testing before being certified as “ready to use”.

Segregation of duties

Production access is restricted to a very limited set of users based on their roles. Access to the production environment for developers and QA team members is restricted based on their job responsibilities.

Secure Datacentre


Physical infrastructure supported in a CF60 safe room.


High physical security room with steel walls and MSITR panel.


CF60 fire insulating panels.


High mechanical strength and physical safety.


Rescued electrical panels, with double busbar – 2N, with inter-busbar system.


General electrical panel of datacentre.


2 2N uninterruptible power supply units (20KVA).


Climatization – 2N – with 46 KW of total cooling power, in two units of 23KW each.


Fire detection and extinguishing system.


Dedicated generator set.

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