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Does an email and cell phone contact last forever?

The use by individuals of e-mails or telephone numbers of companies for use, whether personal or professional, means that changing roles or even an employer translates into an outdated number of databases containing this information. For this reason, among other causes of outdation, and however great care is taken when collecting contacts, it is necessary to ensure regular and secure verification.

Whether for business customers or private customers, make sure you have contact validation routines that ensure you always reach your customers.

Can you understand your electricity bill?

If you can, congratulations, because more than half of the Portuguese people can’t. Whether reading bills for water, electricity, telecommunications, etc., or not consulting them (as they are typically difficult to read and interpret) can create doubts and problems. Problems that generate calls to support lines, trips to stores and complaints.

The purpose of Dynamic Documents is to make these documents easier to read, more interactive, explanatory and even more effective from a commercial point of view. The use of tabs, interactive graphics and videos makes the difference.

Is optimizing your shipping costs a concern?

Options like considering alternative courier operators or working towards a digital progression in a selective and careful way are part of our multichannel delivery strategy.

With a high capacity for file production, archiving, emailing or printing and shipping, we can guarantee that your strategy for sending invoices or notices addresses operational efficiency without compromising the experience you intend to provide to each of your customers.

Are you migrating your subscription processes to digital channels?

We know that the growing adherence to the management of online services as well as a greater demand for features available in this channel will require an effort for companies to digitize processes.

Whether online or in-store, the experience must be efficient and as automated as possible, which is why we believe that the Digital Onboarding process applies to both channels. Functionalities such as creating personalized PDFs in real-time, signing with OTP (One Time Password) or even recognizing identities, will certainly be important tools in the construction of these processes.

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