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How can you use our solutions?

Do you have the right contacts for your customers?

The growth of online shopping means that the relationship with retail brands falls on channels such as sms and email.

For this, it is essential to ensure that the contacts in the databases are up to date. Discover the Unicks solution for contact certifications and ensure that you can maintain healthy long-distance relationships with your customers.

Do you need to have evidence that your communication has been received?

Don’t be in doubt and don’t think about going back to use physical mail.

With the registered email you will be able to closely monitor your most important communications and have legally valid evidence of when it was received, read or even when attachments were downloaded.

Streamline your processes with complete security.

What is the digital relationship you have with your customers?

In the retail sector, the boom in online commerce made the digital relationship, which was already gaining great importance, deserves special attention.

Build an onboarding process for new customers to your loyalty program that you can use either in-store or online. Functions such as the production of personalized files in real time or the confirmation of contact via OPT (One Time Password) will certainly be important tools in the construction of these processes.

Has paper communication disappeared in your company?

In an increasingly digital world, there is more space in the physical mailbox than in the mailboxes.

If you want your message to stand out in more strategic segments or reach segments where digital is not so valued, we will work together in the construction of differentiating templates, with a high level of personalization, which allow the construction of truly relevant communications ( for example promotional coupons tailored to each customer).

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