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Communications that are restricted to insurance policies and receipts?

See how to use Unicks to establish a greater relationship with your customers by taking advantage of different channels and making your processes more efficient.

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How can you use our solutions?

Does an email and mobile contact last forever?

Mobile numbers and email addresses are often outdated. No matter how careful you are when collecting contacts, you must ensure regular and secure verification.

Both for corporate and private customers, make sure you have contact validation routines that ensure that you can always reach your customers through the most effective channel.

Are you tired of investing your time and money in registered mail?

With Registered Email you can optimize the time and cost associated with your communication and closely monitor all the steps of it, knowing if it has already been delivered, if it has already been read, or even if the attachments have been downloaded.

The monitoring log has legal validity, so it can be used in critical processes in terms of security, such as sending changes to conditions associated with a policy.

Who manages your physical mail?

The different entities related to insurance: insurers, intermediaries or brokers, generate a huge amount of correspondence. Between policies, notices, receipts, changes in conditions, this management is clearly a challenge.

The automation of the handling of postal objects allows their forwarding in a much more efficient and quick way, guaranteeing a close monitoring and the sharing of information with the entire organization.

What is the digital relationship you have with your customers?

In the insurance sector, where there is no need for physical contact with the product, the digital relationship is an increasingly important reality.

Don’t be left behind, take the opportunity to transform your processes and make the entire membership process more efficient and secure with data collection, real-time document generation and signature collection.

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Operational efficiency and cost savings at one of the largest insurance brokers nationwide

This insurance broker used our Mailroom Management solution to digitize and automate its processes at a time when remote work was widespread and mail management became even more challenging.

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