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Communications that are restricted to insurance policies and receipts?

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Does an email and mobile contact last forever?

The use by individuals of e-mails or telephone numbers of companies for use, whether personal or professional, means that changing roles or even an employer translates into an outdated number of databases containing this information. For this reason, among other causes of outdation, and however great care is taken when collecting contacts, it is necessary to ensure regular and secure verification.

Whether for business customers or private customers, make sure you have contact validation routines that ensure you always reach your customers.

Are you tired of investing your time and money in registered mail?

The paper courier takes many days and many euros from your process without any follow up on what is going on until you receive the delivery confirmation.

With Registered Email you can not only optimize the time and cost associated with your communication, but keep a close eye on all its steps, knowing if it has already been delivered, if it has already been read, or even if the attachments have been downloaded. This monitoring log is legally valid, so count on this streamlining even in what are the most critical processes in terms of security, such as sending changes to conditions associated with a policy.

Who manages your physical mail?

The different entities related to insurance: insurance companies, mediators or brokers, generate an enormous amount of correspondence. Among policies, notices, receipts, changes in conditions, the management of correspondence in this sector is certainly a task that brings with it numerous operational inefficiencies, both for the resources it requires, the time it takes and what it means in response times to partners, customers, etc.

Automating the treatment of these postal items allows them to be forwarded in a much more efficient and quick way, ensuring close monitoring and information sharing with the entire organization.

What is the digital relationship you have with your customers?

During the pandemic period, the inherent constraints, as well as measures of social distance, reinforced the trend of digital relationship with customers that was already underway in numerous sectors. In the insurance sector in particular, where there is no need for physical contact with the product, this is a reality that is becoming increasingly important.

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Operational efficiency and cost savings at one of the largest insurance brokers nationwide

The insurance brokerage resorted to our Mailroom Management solution to digitize and automate its processes to face the consequences of the State of Emergency enacted with the spread of COVID-19.

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