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Does an email and mobile contact last forever?

Mobile numbers and email addresses are often outdated. No matter how careful you are when collecting contacts, you must ensure regular and secure verification.

For both corporate and private customers, make sure you have contact validation routines that ensure that you can always reach your customers through the most effective channel.

Are your statements a source of doubts and costs?

If more than half of Portuguese people do not understand their electricity bill, how many of them will be able to read a bank statement? The statement is typically heavy, with many numbers and tables and turns out to be a source of doubts for customers, generating calls to the support lines, trips to branches and complaints.

The goal of Dynamic Documents is to make these documents easier to read, more interactive, explanatory, and even more business-effective.

Is optimizing your shipping costs a concern?

Options such as considering alternative couriers or working on the transition to digital in a selective and careful way are part of our multichannel delivery strategy.

With a high capacity for file production, archiving, sending by email or printing and dispatching, we can guarantee that your strategy for sending extracts, notices and other communications addresses operational efficiency without compromising security or the experience you intend to provide to each one. of your customers.

Are you migrating your subscription processes to digital channels?

The growing adherence to online banking and the greater demand given the functionalities available in this channel, requires an effort to digitize processes on the part of banking entities.

Whether online or at the counter, the experience must be efficient and as automated as possible, and the Digital Onboarding process must apply to both channels. Functionalities such as the creation of personalized PDFs in real time or signature with OTP (One Time Password) will certainly be important tools in the construction of these processes.

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Learn about the story of a large financial services company that turned to the Unicks Multichannel Production and Sending solution to centralize the production of its card statements.

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