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Want to change the way customers look at your communications?

Build trusting relationships while complying with all legal and security requirements.

Apply Unicks features to your statements, notices, marketing communications or subscription processes.


Are you ready for a distance relationship?

Online shopping and long-distance relationships with customers are now more important than ever.

See how Unicks can help you with contact validation, digital customer registration and niche communication.


Communications that are restricted to insurance policies and receipts? 

Customers’ main touchpoints with insurance providers are the moments of adhesion, which is costly, and of claims, which are negative.

Establish a positive relationship with your customers through regular communication, taking advantage of different channels.

utilities & telecom

Do your customers understand your communications?

More than half of Portuguese people cannot understand their electricity bill.

See how Unicks enables clearer, more interactive communication as well as more digital and efficient processes.

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