Focus and continuous improvement by centralizing production and sending statements

Our client is a financial services company that belongs to a large economic group. These financial services are part of a card that aimed to add the cards previously sold by each of the main stores of the group. Right from that moment, our client looked for a partner to issue its card statements, and so we have been following the growth of this company, not only in number of customers, but also in the quality of the service it provides..

A complete and flexible solution …

The challenge was to centralize the entire production of statements at Contisystems, focusing on what are its core competencies and the progressive improvement of the service it provides. Delivery would have to be multichannel, with the possibility of segmentation applied to different templates and messages and the statements would have to be digitally stored and made available to internal teams for the purpose of customer support.

The implementation of this project …

Right at the start, we assumed the implementation of the identified templates, the routines for creating batch files and making these statements available to customers through their preferred channel, be it paper or email. In addition to the statements, we also send maillings, with sequential rules, that is, if the email is not delivered, we send an SMS or vice versa, according to the pre-defined flow with the client.

The documentation archive was ensured in our own datacentre (with duplication) and connection to internal client applications via API. This link allows support teams to access this documentation and, for example, directly request us to send duplicates using their usual applications.

In addition, the customer has an area on the Contisystems Portal where he can define the segments to apply different messages on the invoice.

And the result: Customer focus and continuous improvement in services

These more than 5 years of providing this service translate into the generation of more than 40 million documents that occupy more than 10TB of information in digital custody. Progressive improvements in the statement were incorporated with great agility without any disruption in terms of business focus.

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