Efficiency and savings of one of the largest insurance brokers nationwide

Our client is one of the largest national insurance brokers and maintains a very high volume of daily interactions both with its clients and with the insurance companies with which it works. If the digitization and automation of its processes was already part of its plans, with a view to greater operational efficiency, the emergence of the Covid 19 pandemic and the consequent State of Emergency made this an absolute priority.

With empty offices, and with the impossibility of having all employees available to handle incoming communications, our client challenged us to design a solution that would ensure the management of its mail (letters and parcels) without the need for physical presence and with reduced intervention of resources.

A quick and effective solution …

In view of this challenge and with the experience we had at the level of digitization and data collection (Data Reader) as well as at the level of digital file (Storage) and software development, the design of the solution was fast and effective. It went through the forwarding of our client’s mail to a PO Box and later internal treatment, with the information being made available to the client through a portal.

At a time when all interaction had to be remote …

As a result of the pandemic, the team went to great lengths to understand the client’s processes, configure the workflows and ensure that everything was working as intended, all remotely. Of course, there are always unforeseen events, and in this case, there were unforeseen processes that were defined and mapped during the project, but even so, within 2 months everything was operational (and even subsequent improvements have been implemented with great brevity and success ). The weekly meetings with the project team have revealed the efficiency of the process that is taking place as we share and describe very briefly:


    1. The customer’s mail was sent to a PO Box to which we go daily.


    2. We perform the digitization with OCR capture of the data identified as necessary by the client.


    3. We ensure the physical file in alphabetical order.


    4. We identify the flow that each document must follow.

    • Those that must be sent to customers and from those:
      • We identify those who should await further information
      • We forward those that are complete directly
    • Those that should only be archived and made available digitally
    • Those that must be made available digitally and whose original must be sent to the client.

    And the result: Greater operational efficiency

    On average, we process more than 100 customer’s postal items on average. This represents important gains in operational efficiency both in time taken to process processes and in terms of saving resources.

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