A company that communicates with its customers through its preferred channel

Our client is a financial services entity and there are multiple situations in which it has to communicate with its clients, whether to send statements, notices or marketing communications. This customer is concerned with reaching its customers through their preferred channel, ensuring that the message arrives in the most efficient way.

The idea

The customer’s challenge was to certify the telephone contacts of their customer base in order to guarantee their efficient use in the future.

How it was implemented

For the implementation of this project, a frontend was created, perfectly integrated into the customer’s image for the validation of the telephone number, following the process this flow:


1. Sending email to the customer with the link where he can place the phone number


2. Upon entering the link the customer sees a simple form where he has to fill in just the phone number.


3. When submitting the phone number, an OTP (One Time Password) is sent via SMS to that same number;


4. When submitting the phone number, he will see on the form a space where he must put the OTP he received via SMS;


5. When placing the correct OTP, he receives a confirmation message and is forwarded to the website;


6. If the OTP is placed incorrectly, it gives the possibility to request a new OTP (process that you can repeat as many times as you want)

And the result: A validated contact database

So far, more than 20k telephone contacts have been certified and the process continues. This process will allow the customer to guarantee the efficiency of the communication with their customers by SMS.

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