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Communications that are your face

Configure and adjust your communications templates in a quick and agile way.

Unicks - App Connector

Is it difficult to keep you communications fresh and relevant?

We adjust your templates whenever you need

We know everything around us is constantly changing, so we give you complete flexibility to change your templates whenever you need to.

Make the most of your communications

There are no excuses for not communicating in a personalized way. We give you the possibility to introduce variable text, image, video, audio, links and even QR Code fields.

Are personalized communications a headache?

We build the base templates that support your custom communications:


PDFs to be sent by email or made available in client areas


Prints for mailing


Messages for sms


HTML to be made available in customer areas or sent by email

O que pode fazer com o app connector

We have around 500 templates configured in daily use.

From the simplest that take a few minutes to build to complex documents with tables completely filled with variable data, graphs, and images.

How it works?

We work side by side with our clients to achieve the best results.

Discover our process:


We receive the customer’s request with the mockup of the template that he intends to build.


We evaluate the feasibility of technical implementation.


We collect and optimize all the images and objects needed to build the template.


We build the base structure of the document and define the information blocks (text, image, tables, graphics, etc.).


We associate business rules with information blocks (ordering, conditions for page breaks, etc).


We associate variable fields within information blocks.


We progressively present samples to the client and adjust proposals.


Document production workflow is implemented through Batch Producer and Real-Time Producer.

Solutions you can build with this block

Production and multichannel dispatch

From data conversion to customer communication delivery, either by physical or digital channels.


Forget your physical mailbox, we organize and forward all your mail digitally.

Let’s streamline your customer communications?