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Design of digital or printable document templates

With the Template Designer we ensure the initial configuration of your communications templates as well as subsequent adjustments over time.

Adjust your communications whenever you need

A template must be stable, because users get used to reading it in a certain way and the time to adjust to a new format can be significant in terms of support costs. But, at the same time, the template must be flexible so that, whenever legislation, consumers, the market or the company’s innovation requires it, quick adjustment is possible without compromising the time-to-market and without the investment level delaying the decision. In addition to the initial configuration, with Template Designer we can ensure agile changes to existing templates or even create self-service editing areas where you can make changes without the need for code editing and without compromising your time-to-market. With the Template Designer you can count on:  
Design Consulting;
Construction of document templates for printing or digital sending;
Construction of html templates for delivery by sending a link or ntegration with existing platforms;
Construction of email body templates, etc.

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