Unicks - App Connector


Keep your documents safe and always at hand

Archive your digital documents with complete security in a solution that adapts to your needs.

Unicks - App Connector

Do you know where your documents are?


Easily access your documents

Through our portal or through self-care applications, access your documents wherever, whenever and however you want.


You can sleep peacefully!

With our own robust infrastructure and using the best information security practices, we guarantee that nothing happens to your documents.


Have your needs changed? No problem.

With a scalable, high-performance physical infrastructure, our solution quickly adapts to changes in your business.

Aceda aos seus documentos onde quer que esteja

Ensure the security of your documents

Our customers can access their original documents with a guarantee of inviolability and protection of information at the object level.

1.000 million

of stored digital objects

Legally compliant storage

Long-term data retention with full protection

Our solution allows you to define the mandatory retention period, guaranteeing the impossibility of logical destruction of files through hardware (compliance with the main industry regulations SEC 17a -4F, HIPAA, ISO27000).

Content immutability

The hardware we use and on which our platform was developed implements the WORM (write once read many) concept, which allows us to ensure total immutability of content.​

Unique and secure identification

We guarantee the unique and secure identification of each document using Content Address Calculation mechanisms.

O que pode fazer com o app connector

How it works?

Ligação API à plataforma Unicks

The user connects to Unicks through the App Connector to send the files that will be forwarded to Storage.

Ligação API à plataforma Unicks

The file content is distributed over several partitions for better performance and a Content Address is assigned that guarantees the immutability of the content.

Ligação API à plataforma Unicks

The Content Address of the file is retained in the Storage database application for future reference.

Conec;oes }a medida

Your documents wherever and whenever you want


We have our geographically dispersed Digital Archive solution that ensures an active Disaster Recovery Plan scenario.


Asynchronous file replication ensures uninterrupted object storage.


24×7 remote hardware monitoring.


Online access to documents through a specific portal or self-care platforms by integrating with the App Connector.

Hand in hand with security

We rely on robust data security and privacy practices that are an integral part of our product engineering and service delivery principles.
Conec;oes }a medida

Solutions you can build with this block

Production and multichannel dispatch

From data conversion to customer communication delivery, either by physical or digital channels.


A safe and legally valid solution for digitizing sensitive processes.

Let’s streamline your customer communications?