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Secure archive

Although the Storage service is mostly applied to digital communications, taking advantage of our datacentre, we also offer the physical file service.

A scalable solution that fits your business needs

With online access via portal or integration via web services (App Connector) you will always have access to the original document with guaranteed inviolability and information protection at the object level.
With 24×7 monitoring and hardware duplication with two forms of storage (multiple copies of files and metadata + fragmented file and distributed by different nodes) as well as self-healing, we can ensure business continuity and disaster recovery.

Legal validity


Long-term data retention, with total protection: it allows defining the mandatory retention period, guaranteeing the impossibility of logical destruction of files through hardware (compliance with the main industry regulations SEC 17a -4F, HIPAA, ISO27000).


Content authenticity (impossible to erase and non-rewritable):
the hardware we use and on which our platform was developed implements the WORM (write once read many) concept that allows us to ensure total authenticity of content and high availability (99.99%).


With an existing high-capacity physical structure with the potential to increase capacity both in terms of integrating new “modules” into the existing physical structure and by expanding to the Cloud if the type of service and customer so justifies, the solution allows you:
A low TCO (Total Cost of Ownership);
Simple expansion of capacity and performance;
Architecture that does not become obsolete and that takes advantage of technology.


Through our portal;
With integration via web services (App Connector) you can always access the original document with guaranteed inviolability and protection of information at the object level.

Physical security

CF60 fire insulating panels;
CF60 safe room with high physical security with steel walls and MSITR panel;
Fire detection and extinguishing system;
Dedicated generator set.

High availability

Digital Archive Solution available at Abóboda and Aveiro facilities;
The contents are written on the main site – Abóboda, being replicated asynchronously to Aveiro;
Possibility of connectivity with the Aveiro site to guarantee an active DRP (Disaster Recovery Plan) scenario.

Our physical storage

Although it is not at the core of our activity, we have the space and security conditions to provide the Physical Archive service. Within the scope of some specific solutions (ex: Mailroom Management) we have been making this service available with great success from the point of view of offering a turnkey service. With our own means or using partnerships in situations of more complex or larger volume, we are ready to assess your situation and present you with the best solution.

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