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The documents production you need, in real time

Streamline your processes by producing personalized digital documents immediately after data entry.
Unicks - App Connector

Get customized documents in seconds

With Real-time Producer, you can have access, almost instantly, to contracts or other documents stored with your customers’ data.

You can use this service in processes such as:


Insurance subscription.

Consumer credit applications.
Application for a new credit card.
Activation of new service.
Aceda aos seus documentos onde quer que esteja

Personalized documents in less than 2 seconds

For one of our customers, a consumer credit institution, we streamlined the subscription process, accelerating the contracting of credit with the production of:

+ 50.000

documents per month

Integrate with other blocks to make the most of this functionality

If you integrate this service with the Omnichannel sender block, you can, for example, immediately send an email with the personalized terms and conditions document, a welcome sms, or start the process of printing and sending a letter.

Additionally, this document may be archived in Storage and made available via App Connector in a client area or support application.

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Digitize your company processes

With this service, you can integrate your subscription processes into the Unicks platform, from data entry to shipment tracking.

Centralization in a single supplier

You will be able to centrally manage the communications you exchange with your customers, in particular those involving personal data.

Optimize and evolve at your own pace

With Unicks you can dematerialize and optimize processes without drastic changes and at the pace of your company.

Let’s streamline your customer communications?