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Real-time file production

With Real-time Producer we ensure the production, in real time, immediately after the submission of data, documents that support your digital processes, such as pdfs, email bodies, html, among others.

The faster the subscription or update processes, the higher your success rate

With Real-Time Producer we ensure the production in real time of the documents that support your digital processes.

We do it based on pre-defined templates (Template Designer)
and using data that reaches us in real time through fast communication processes.
This data may arrive from the connection to other applications (App Connector)
or from the Unicks universe.

 The goal is that, after receiving data, there is no delay in sending the communication to the customer. We may be talking about contracts, terms and conditions of service, data update requests, etc. 


Production of documents in pdf (for sending by email, store or share)

Production of html documents (for archiving and sharing via API)
Production of personalized emails, etc.
In addition, Real-time Producer can be very useful in the context of generating samples for approval. Integrated into a self-service portal where data for sample generation can be entered, Real-time Producer uses pre-defined templates to generate documents in real time. This way an efficient approval is possible before a process of Batch Producer
where changes have occurred (eg template change).

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