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Data Reader

Get to your data faster and more efficiently

Intelligent data capture from physical and digital documents.

Unicks - App Connector

Extract data automatically and intelligently

If you have paper documents, such as invoices, purchase orders, contracts or simply mail, and you want to keep them well stored but easy to find, this is the block for you.

By digitizing them, and associating research data with the file, the digital file is accessible and simple.

If the support of the communications you want to study is already digital (eg social networks or logs), you can use the Data Reader to extract the key data and organize them.

With this tool it is possible to recognize data and organize it automatically with great efficiency gains.

Indispensable in the dematerialization of processes

As an example, for one of our Mailroom Management clients, we guarantee about:


per day


digital document
readings per day
O que pode fazer com o app connector

Optimize your processes

With intelligent data reading, from physical or digital documents, you benefit from:

Ease of search.
Data processing and analysis.
Process automation (integrate, for example, RPA processes – Robotic Process Automation).
Integration with systems.
O que pode fazer com o app connector

How does a Data Reader process work?

1. Collection of objects

Objects can be captured from a variety of sources: mailboxes, SFTP servers, social media accounts, application logs or simply paper documents.

2. Recognition and data extraction

Data is extracted from objects using OCR (Optical Character Recognition) tools, which can be of two types:


Common OCR

Allows character recognition by transforming them into metadata and making the digital version of documents searchable. This tool is suitable for standardized documents, such as invoices, where it is possible to previously stipulate the location of fields, such as the VAT.


Smart OCR

It executes pattern recognition through AI (Artificial Intelligence) that allows a more efficient reading of object data without the need for a fixed structure.

3. Distribution

The data collected through the automatic extraction process can be exported in different formats, such as xls, csv, word, html files, etc.

By using our App Connector tool, you can integrate this data into other platforms, you can store your physical and digital objects through our Storage and consult them through our portal, and you can also send communications based on the data collected through our Omnichannel Sender.

O que pode fazer com o app connector

Solutions you can build with this block

Documents Management

Forget your physical mailbox, we organize and forward all your mail digitally.

Let’s streamline your customer communications?