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Intelligent data capture

The Data Reader block aims at the intelligent reading of data, from physical or digital documents, which allows the optimization of its further processing.

Get to your data quickly and efficiently

If you have paper documents and want to archive them physically and digitally with easy search, this is the block you need.

If the support for the communications you want to study is already digital (ex: social networks or logs), you can use Data Reader to extract the key data and organize it.

With Deep Learning mechanisms it is possible to recognize data and organize it automatically with great efficiency gains.

If the path of the remaining blocks went from data to communications, here the path is the opposite, from communications to data, from paper to digital.

The Data Reader involves the following steps:



Information can be captured from a variety of sources: email boxes, SFTP servers, social media accounts, application logs, paper documents to scan.


Text recognition by OCR (Optical Character Recognition) and / or NLP (Natural Language Processing), using Deep Learning mechanisms and automated process initiation (RPA – Robotic Process Automation) considering defined rules to be applied to extracted data.



Dedicated portal, Email address, SFTP, REST API.

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Electronic communications

From which it is intended to extract key data for analysis, process forwarding or efficient file search.


Paper documents

That are intended to be digitized for archiving and to extract data for analysis, process inputs or as search metadata.

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