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Conversion of data files

The most common conversion is that which converts data files from older formats to more current formats, which will allow its use in later processes without the need for heavy system upgrades.

Keep pace with the evolution of information systems.

The pace of the evolution of information systems means that most companies face the use of outdated applications quickly.

These applications, often central to the activity, cannot be constantly updated, not least because the needs for digitization and automation are wide and the investment needs demanding.

Thus, it is essential that the data extracted from these applications be usable, either for new applications that live in the same company, or for externalized processes.

With Data Converter, all formats can be converted. We leave some examples for reference: Field Nominator; AFP; AFPDS; Metacode; …

In addition to the format, sometimes you also need to change other file characteristics.

With the different functionalities provided by this block, your data will find the ideal format for its efficient treatment without any impact in terms of content and without compromising your project’s time to market.


Format conversion


Conversion to compression


Structure conversion

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