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Certifications of documents, deliveries, identities and signatures

The increasing of processes digitization brings challenges in terms of compliance with legislation and security and it was in this context that the Certifier block emerged. This block allows the certification of documents and deliveries, the verification of identities and the collection of digital signatures.

A complete certification service

We work with partners identified as trusted service providers under the current European regulation (eIDAS).


Document certification

Ensuring the origin and integrity of a document can be more than a security requirement, in certain situations such as invoices it is even a legal obligation.

From January 1, 2021 (in Portugal), the advanced electronic signature or the advanced electronic seal is no longer sufficient in the certification of fiscally relevant documents. Talk to us and make sure that all the rules are followed in your company.

Delivery certification

Some communications require “acknowledgment of receipt” which previously meant that the communication had to be sent by registered mail. Now it’s not like that anymore.

With the Certifier you will be able to have a proof that attests the sending of your communication, whether it is sent on paper (the traditional registered mail) or sent by email or even sms.

In addition to being a much faster and more efficient way of sending, the process of sending through digital channels allows for much more detailed monitoring, making it possible to monitor, in real time, the status of the communication sending, namely: if it was delivered, if it was read or even if attachments were viewed or downloaded.

Identity verification

Recognizing who is the user on the other side of the screen who is subscribing to your service is absolutely essential, so Certifier also works with identity verification.

From the recognition of identification cards, validation of documentation and realization of life proofs it is possible to verify who this user is and then establish the commercial relationship.


Signature certification

In remote subscription or contracting processes, digital signature solutions ensure absolute security with legally valid guarantees in the event of a dispute. There are several different levels of complexity and security associated with signatures, but they are essentially grouped into two types:

Advanced: Author identification with express will, exclusive control and guarantee of integrity. This is the case of sending and collecting an OTP (One Time Password) to the mobile phone as proof of subscription.

Qualified:  Created using a secure device with a qualified certificate, such as a citizen card reader device or a signature with the digital mobile key.

Depending on the project in question, the options available and the most balanced solution in terms of complexity versus security will be evaluated.


Frequently Asked Questions

What changes in January 2022 regarding invoices? (Portugal)

According to the new billing rules it is still possible to use the advanced electronic signature or the advanced electronic seal. However, as of January 1, 2022, the mandatory electronic signature or qualified electronic seal in electronic billing enters into force. For more information see Decreto-Lei n.º 28/2019

Is the registered email viewed as a normal email?

The registered email is identified with the original recipient but with possible reference to the system used (for example: sent via the xpto domain). Instead of immediatly showing the content the consumer has a link in the email where he must click to consult the content and any documents attached.

Is Contisystems a trusted provider listed by the European Union?

All partners with which Contisystems works in the area of ​​certification are listed on the list of trusted providers identified by the EU:

What is a fiscally relevant document?

In addition to the invoice, a concept that includes the invoice itself, invoice-receipt, simplified invoice or amending invoice document, tax-relevant documents are also considered:

  • shipping documents;
  • receipts;
  • any other documents issued, regardless of their designation, which are susceptible, namely, to presentation to the customer and which enable the conference of goods or provision of services, regardless of the support in which they are presented to the customer.

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