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Hyper customize
your communications

Offer your customers relevant and compelling content, even in your transactional documents.
Unicks - App Connector

Get the most out of your communications

Personalized communications on the right supports

Customize your transactional documents without limits and incorporate targeted marketing messages.

Centralized multichannel production (physical and digital)

Avoid the dispersion of your customers’ documents and personal data and minimize the risk of exposure.

The ideal tool for transactional communications

Batch Producer is mostly used for the production of transactional documents such as statements, notices and invoices.

This tool can be used to build:


PDF files that can:

– proceed to digital storage (Storage),
– be sent by email (Omnichannel sender),
– be printed, enveloped and generate letters with the possibility of inserting additional materials

We consider it good practice to ensure that the .pdf that is sent by email is the same as is stored or mailed. However, it is possible to produce differentiated files according to the output channel.


CSV files

– with messages that will feed the sending of SMS.


HTML files that can:

– be archived and made available in self-care areas for example,
– be sent by email (email body).

Our Batch Producer is like the Unicks’ engine

Its processing capacity allows us to produce more than 30 documents per second!

And because this engine is scalable, this number doesn’t limit our capacity.

How are communications produced?


Production of digital files (PDFs, HTML or SMS)

– Data source identification.
– Pre-processing (ETL) which may include:

– Postal optimization.

– Placement of barcodes.

– Placement of QRCodes.

– Segmentation for template application.
– Mapping the data in the template.
– Production of files for each recipient.


Letter production

– Inkjet or laser printing of each of the customized documents.
– Automatic or manual wrapping.
– Insertion of additionals such as flyers or free reply envelopes.
– Additional services such as registered mail with receipt.

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Solutions you can build with this block

Production and multichannel dispatch

From data conversion to customer communication delivery, either by physical or digital channels.


A safe and legally valid solution for digitizing sensitive processes.

Let’s streamline your customer communications?