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App Connector

More features,
less hassle

Enjoy new features, without the need for complex developments, by connecting your systems to other applications.
Unicks - App Connector

Connect applications to streamline your processes

Any company should see in technology an opportunity to make their relationship with customers more fruitful and their internal processes optimized.

However, with the pace of evolution we are witnessing, it is not possible to always be up to date.

The secret is to prioritize and relate existing applications to improve processes, even if those applications are already considered “classics”.

O que pode fazer com o app connector

What can you do with App Connector?


Make archived documents available in customer areas.


Connect all communications sent to the customer with your CRM.


Use data from existing applications to generate and send communications.


Provide, in customer support applications, all the communications sent to a costumer as well as the possibility to resend them.


Easily make complete reports with the data from your customers scattered through multiple platforms.



O que pode fazer com o app connector
Aceda aos seus documentos onde quer que esteja

Your documents wherever you are

One of our clients is a portuguese bank for which we produce and archive the statements that are made available on homebanking apps.

+ 7000

consulted documents
a day trough API

How does it work?

Each application uses it’s own technologies and programming languages. A connector is like a translator that allows different systems to understand each other and communicate.

Connect external app with existing APIs to Unicks

Ligação app connector a plataforma externa

The API – Application Programming Interface- is the most common form of connection, used by more than 90% of the developers around the world.

With App Connector you can, for example, fecth data using an API made available by a billing systems or CRM to build your customer communications.

Connect Unicks to external apps using our API

Ligação API à plataforma Unicks

External platorms can connect using Unicks’s API to, for example, attach communications sent to each customer to a CRM or ERP process.

If a specific funcionality you need isn’t available in our REST API, it’s development can be taken in consideration by our team.

Conec;oes }a medida

Need a custom connector?

We know that a REST API isn’t always the answer, that’s why we can evaluate custom developments of new and different connectors.

WebServices, SFTPs and database connections are also common solutions that we can take in consideration to connect apps and improve your processes.

Hand in hand with security

We rely on robust data security and privacy practices that are an integral part of our product engineering and service delivery principles.
Conec;oes }a medida

Solutions you can build with this block

Production and multichannel dispacth

From data conversion to customer communication delivery, either by physical or digital channels.

Documents Management

Forget your physical mailbox, we organize and forward all your mail digitally.

Let’s streamline your customer communications?