Meet our blocks

App Connector

Possibility to connect with other applications, enabling the exchange of data or orders between different applications.

Batch Producer

Batch file production, combining the data received with the templates and rules previously defined.


Certification of documents and communications delivery, identities verification and digital documents signing.

Data Converter

Conversion from old to modern formats, size compression or adaptation of data structures.

Data Integrator

Data aggregation for future treatment, either in a single database or as input for an operational process or analysis.

Data Quality

Pre-processing of data that allows its use optimization either by means of correction or reorganization.

Data Reader

Intelligent reading of data, from physical or digital documents, which allows the optimization of its further processing.

Omnichannel Sender

Routing of communications to customers, by mail, email, sms, push notification, etc.

Real-time Producer

Production of files in real time, immediately after data submission.


Digital or physical storage with total security enhancing its organization, indexing, search and easy access.

Template Designer

Design of document templates (invoices, statements, notices, …), web interfaces, email messages, among others.

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