Account payables

Optimize your company’s account payables workflow

Discover the solution, achieved through a partnership between Contisystems and Pagero, which transforms the account payables management into a fast and efficient process.

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Digital, fast and hassle-free management

You will be able to manage, in a fully digital way, the invoicing of the services that are provided to your company by any supplier, regardless of its size or digital capabilities.

With an open and intelligent electronic invoicing network (Pagero) and a specialist in integration and data processing (Contisystems), paper invoices will no longer be a part of your day-to-day life and all processes will be managed in an agile way, with total control, through a secure platform.

Reduce invoice processing costs

-60 to -80%

of costs compared to conventional paper processes.

With this solution your processes become:


Your account payables process becomes 100% digital.


The approval of your invoices is automated.


The data entering your system is complete and accurate.

In accordance

Comply with local e-invoicing and tax regulations around the world.

What it brings to your company’s processes:


Guarantees the quality of the data made available through automatic validations.


Minimizes errors in the process.


Speeds up processes and gives you real-time visibility into your treasury situation.

Reduces the need for resources and costs associated with account payables.

What are the benefits for your suppliers:


They have access to a portal, where they can receive purchase orders and submit invoices to be collected from your company.


They are able to know in real time the situation of each account payables process through the portal.


It is applicable to both larger and smaller suppliers.


Enables processes automation through integration with the systems that your supplier already uses.

Don’t let your business fall behind

10% to 20%

estimated annual growth rate worldwide for e-invoicing.

Say goodbye to paper invoices overnight!

By connecting to the Pagero network, you can receive all your invoices electronically and directly in your financial system from day one.

Regardless of the systems you use, the size of your business or the digital capabilities of your suppliers, you can make your operations 100% digital and automated with the account payables solution.

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