Our mission

Facilitate the digitization of communication processes with customers safely and without disruption.

How was Unicks born?

The Unicks brand was born in the area of ​​Customer Communication Management at Contisystems.

It was born because we read in our customers the great difficulty in following the technological evolution and in managing the relationship with several suppliers in the field of Customer Communication Management.

We realize that ancient technological realities often have to live with more recent solutions and that this is a drama more often than would be necessary.

To streamline business processes and communications


It is necessary to ensure that everything works together, what already exists and works well and what is new, but for this the development effort and time usually increases.

And many times, when development goes into production, there are already better solutions on the market.

It was to confront this reality that the Unicks platform was born, a brand totally owned and managed by Contisystems.

A dynamic modular solution that streamlines the integration of novelties into the customer’s ecosystem, centralizing the management of communications with customers without requiring the effort of migrating from traditional models.

Streamline your company’s communications and processes. Start now.