Agility in formatting, segmentation and customization

Take advantage of the time your customers spend on their transactional communications (invoices, purchase orders or statements) and take the opportunity to pass on your promotional messages.

What to expect from our Transpromo Communications solution

The purpose of this solution is to leverage the transactional communications you send to your customers to include commercial messages. Invoices and notices are documents usually issued by rigid billing systems, with no space for personalization or even segmentation of commercial messages. And if these are precisely the communications your customer pays the most attention to, there’s no point in wasting this opportunity!

Did you know that this type of transactional communications is opened 8 times more than marketing communications? (source: Experian)


With this solution we ensure:

Simple and fast construction and editing of document templates suitable for each segment;
Possibility of self-service editing of messages to be included for each segment at any given time;
Possibility of introducing messages and custom fields (ex: Congratulations Maria on your birthday);

Multichannel application of final documents with the possibility of printing, sending by mail or to make available in digital media (selfcare website, app,…).

How does our Transpromo communication solution work?

Design and content generation

Flexible templates that allow the introduction of segmented messages and that can include independent editing areas in self-care.

Content editing on a self-service portal

Template editing tools that allow you to create areas for insertion of advertising banners targeted to the intended audience.

Multichannel sending and file

Sending by letter, by email, by sms…

Making the file available via API to a support or self-care application.

Some blocks we can use in this solution:

Template Designer

Design of the process support template(s) which may vary according to the segment and may have self-care editing areas.

Batch Producer

Production of documents based on the built templates and processed data, in the formats necessary for their delivery.

Omnichannel Sender

Sending paper communications by post and .pdf communications by email.


Digital archive of final documents with total security, enhancing your organization, indexing, search and easy access.

Stories from companies that trust Unicks

A company that takes full advantage of the monthly statement it sends to its customers

Learn about the project of this financial services company that used the Transpromo Communication solution to include segmented commercial information in its statement with agile and independent editing.

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